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Summer Programs

Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week-
What is PFEW?
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Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week is an intensive program that educates high school students about the American free enterprise system. Bringing motivated students together with business people from throughout the state. This unique concept in learning has enhanced the lives of nearly 38,000 young adults for thirty-seven years.

During PFEW, participants not only learn to appreciate our free enterprise system, but they also see from a practitioner's perspective what it takes to be successful in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Student companies simulate the actual operation of their own business for the equivalent of three years. Facing all of the decisions that real executives are confronted by, the student companies are mentored by dedicated business volunteers who serve as Company Advisors. Sharing their knowledge and expertise, Company Advisors address the most significant issues facing business today in straightforward, informal discussion with students.

Accented with motivational speakers and interactive learning exercises, this one-of-a-kind program furnishes a real life educational experience for eager students. Scholarship winners grasp the value of teamwork, cooperation and leadership and are provided with an invaluable opportunity to develop communication skills.

Why is PFEW Important?
If Pennsylvania businesses are to remain competitive, it is crucial that our workforce have an understanding and appreciation of the challenges that face the business community. At PFEW, old myths about business unravel as students and business people work together, gaining fresh insights into the intricacies of our free market system. Participants are challenged with a plethora of economic concepts, terms, facts, figures, and projections for the future. Inspirational speakers creatively address subjects concerning marketing, business and government cooperation, supply and demand, and the role of business in our economy.

Last year, over 2,000 students shared the challenge and adventure of PFEW. Those practicing business today translated the real world of private enterprise for tomorrow's leaders. An educational program like no other, PFEW is an opportunity every eager student should have the chance to experience.
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