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Greene County Career & Technology Center (GCCTC) is the technical center serving local area students for over 40 years. Our focus is on seamless education, which we accomplish by breaking down barriers between high school and college, and between education and the workplace. To be employable in today’s global economy, between 70-80% of the workforce must have technical training beyond a high school diploma, but not necessarily a full four-year degree. 

GCCTC has a strong history of providing quality, career-oriented education. Our graduates have the skills and knowledge that help them find jobs and success in their chosen careers. GCCTC’s strong career and technical education emphasis and our close links with business and industry in our region ensure that our programs keep pace with the latest technology and developments in the commercial sector.

GCCTC is equipped with an excellent faculty and staff. The teachers at GCCTC are all highly qualified individuals in their programs of study. Many of our teachers have held positions in industry and bring to their classroom a wealth of knowledge from the “real world” workforce. They are able to share 1st hand experience with students to push them from theory to practice. 

So if you are not sure what you want to do in life, GCCTC is here to provide endless possibilities. Do you find yourself at a crossroads trying to decide which program of study to take for your future? We can get you on the right track towards a great career and a prosperous future!

We look forward to being the career pathway to your future as you prepare to be: College Ready • Career Ready • Community Ready