Jefferson-Morgan Middle/High School

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Building & Facilities

Our district recently completed a 3 year, $6 million dollar, renovation to the HS/MS building and its grounds. This outstanding project was originally intended to address heating and air-conditioning needs as well as a roof replacement. However, because of a variety of reasons, we were able to address and improve many other areas without any increase to the construction budget! Besides those original areas of need in the building, the district was also able to install new windows, renovate the front lobby restrooms, paint and stripe all interior common areas and paint all student lockers. Phones were installed in all classrooms, along with the installation of new security and fire alarm systems, building clocks, public address and bell system. A large number of classrooms received new ceilings and new floors as well as our auditorium receiving a new floor and all new seating. The parking lots around the building received new paving, as well as the addition of increased handicapped parking spaces located at the front of the building.